Ducted Air Conditioning

What is it?

Ducted air conditioning is the ultimate climate control solution. With the ability to regulate the temperature in specific rooms or the entire house using just one system, it offers a discreet, powerful option that is quiet, efficient and easy to maintain.

Ducted air conditioning is made up of one unit with various “tunnels” that lead to different “zones” (or rooms), making it less visually intrusive and easier to use than traditional systems. Offering even air distribution and value for money, many people are turning to ducted air conditioning to achieve the ultimate in comfort in their home or office.

Ducted air conditioning vs. split system

The major difference between ducted and split system air conditioning is that ducted is for multiple rooms while split systems are for just one space. While they are less expensive, split systems can be limiting and unattractive in appearance. Although they do have their advantages, a single unit can be fairly bulky and can only heat or cool one room, which means if you buy more, costs go up, negating your savings. Ducted systems, on the other hand, offer flexibility and ease of use, reducing your energy bill and providing control over your house’s temperature in individual rooms – or the whole house – with one remote.

Ducted air conditioning installation in Brisbane

If you are looking for cheap ducted air conditioning in the Brisbane region, look no further than Adshel. We work hard to provide quality services, great prices and achieve the lifestyle you deserve! For more information contact us about our ducted air conditioning services today.

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